We get what we deserve!


45 days from now we’ll be running in Cape Town. Already 22 shirts in our suitcase! Of course we want more, but we only get what we deserve.

I tell you a small tale.

A few years ago I ran the Rotterdam marathon. And so did a friend of mine. She was not a good runner, but a very enthousiastic one nevertheless. But she was worried. Will I be good enough? Can make it on time? Of course I told her the usual thing. Don’t worry, you are in good shape, with plenty of training, no injuries and as long you keep your own pace, you’ll be fine. And you know, this is such a big marathon, there will be always others who are behind you.

The day of the race. For me a disaster. When I finish a can only sit for half an hour and one more hour I need to get back to our team location. Exasperated I sit in a chair, carefully trying to put some soup in my mouth. I watch television, about the only thing my body still can do. I see the 25 motorcycles which mark the end of the rad2fdce598f4bdf66b835d6ba217186ddce, the last runner. And I see my friend. Yes, she is the very last one of the 20000 runners participating that day. And everybody is looking at her, cheering. She must be running for over 5 hours now. I can’t believe it. How brave.Of course she makes it to the finish.

I know how I feel, I cannot imagine how she must feel. But there is the major of Rotterdam, he hugs her. And there’s the winner of the marathon, Tilahun Regassa, and together they share the tickertape. And she smiles. Her most beautiful smile.

This is why running can be so nice. You always get what you deserve.